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All Charas in to BEast

Plot: A cursed boy tries to solve the disputes between the mighty beasts and the humans.

Author Main Story: Andy a.k.a. Miingno

Picture First Name Last Name
Barlaam Bestia Barlaam Bestia
Deianeira Bestia Deianeira Bestia
Lugaid Bestia Lugaid Bestia
Nyx Bestia Nyx Dead Bestia
Themba Bestia Themba Bestia
Vidya Bestia Vidya Bestia
Xolani Bestia Xolani Bestia
Kara Black Kara Black
Casimir Fiala Casimir Fiala
Eirian Jewel Eirian Jewel
Rinat Jewel Rinat Jewel
Aleyna Kaljula Aleyna Kaljula
Tobias Kari Tobias Kari
Sir Robert Pennington-Langer the Third Sir Robert Pennington-Langer the Third
Bada Prodigium Bada Prodigium
Masamba Prodigium Masamba Prodigium
Phobos Prodigium Phobos Prodigium
Prabhu Prodigium Prabhu Prodigium
Tiamat Prodigium Tiamat Prodigium