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When will which character here have their birthday?! Here you'll find out!


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Yuu Hertz Pokémon - NSFW 01 January
/img/default_avatar.png Gao Mikado Future Card Buddyfight 1 January
/img/default_avatar.png Asahi Azumane Haikyuu!! 1 January
/img/default_avatar.png Nedzu Boku no Hero Academia 1 January
/img/default_avatar.png Sir Nighteye Boku no Hero Academia 2 January
/img/default_avatar.png Senku Ishigami Dr. Stone 4 January
/img/default_avatar.png Aiichiro Nitori Free! 4 January
/img/default_avatar.png Kiyoko Shimizu Haikyuu!! 6 January
/img/default_avatar.png Guang Hong Ji Yuri on Ice 7 January
/img/default_avatar.png Konekomaru Miwa Blue Exorcist 7 January
/img/default_avatar.png Pat Fortier Filled to the Brim 7 January
/img/default_avatar.png Ittetsu Takeda Haikyuu!! 10 January
/img/default_avatar.png Shoto Todoroki Boku no Hero Academia 11 January
/img/default_avatar.png Ray The Promised Neverland 15 January
/img/default_avatar.png Gaara Naruto 19 January
/img/default_avatar.png Alice Nakiri Shokugeki no Soma 23 January
/img/default_avatar.png Akito Takagi Bakuman 25 January
/img/default_avatar.png Minato Namikaze Naruto 25 January
/img/default_avatar.png Casimir Fiala to BEast 25 January
/img/default_avatar.png Gran Torino Boku no Hero Academia 28 January


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Koji Koda Boku no Hero Academia 1 February
/img/default_avatar.png Rin Matsuoka Free! 2 February
/img/default_avatar.png Manga Fukidashi Boku no Hero Academia 2 February
/img/default_avatar.png Robert Sherman Drummers 2 February
/img/default_avatar.png Tsuyu Asui Boku no Hero Academia 12 February
/img/default_avatar.png Christophe Giacometti Yuri on Ice 14 February
/img/default_avatar.png Hisashi Kinoshita Haikyuu!! 15 February
/img/default_avatar.png Mezo Shoji Boku no Hero Academia 15 February
/img/default_avatar.png Moritaka Mashiro Bakuman 18 February
/img/default_avatar.png Suigetsu Hōzuki Naruto 18 February
/img/default_avatar.png Yahiko Naruto 20 February
/img/default_avatar.png Konan Naruto 20 February
/img/default_avatar.png Taketora Yamamoto Haikyuu!! 22 February
/img/default_avatar.png Tamaki Kotatsu Fire Force 22 February
/img/default_avatar.png Kōichi Haimawari My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 22 February
/img/default_avatar.png Aleyna Kaljula to BEast 25. February
/img/default_avatar.png Raichi Todoroki Ace of Diamond 27 February


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Yuri Plisetsky Yuri on Ice 1 March
/img/default_avatar.png Haruichi Kominato Ace of Diamond 1 March
/img/default_avatar.png Leorio Paradinight HunterxHunter 3 March
/img/default_avatar.png Ryūnosuke Tanaka Haikyuu!! 3 March
/img/default_avatar.png Tamaki Amajiki Boku no Hero Academia 4 March
/img/default_avatar.png Neil Bowman All Saints Street 6 March
/img/default_avatar.png Shiemi Moriyama Blue Exorcist 6 March
/img/default_avatar.png Akiteru Tsukishima Haikyuu!! 8 March
/img/default_avatar.png Viktor Licht Fire Force 14 March
/img/default_avatar.png Yūji Itadori Jujutsu Kaisen 20 March
/img/default_avatar.png Mikado Ryuugamine Durarara 21 March
/img/default_avatar.png Norman The Promised Neverland 21 March
/img/default_avatar.png Erina Nakiri Shokugeki no Soma 23 March
/img/default_avatar.png Norifumi Kawakami Ace of Diamond 25 March
/img/default_avatar.png Akitaru Ōbi Fire Force 27 March


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Jay Loeffler My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 1 April
/img/default_avatar.png Haise Sasaki Tokyo Ghoul 2 April
/img/default_avatar.png Kurapika HunterxHunter 4 April
/img/default_avatar.png Lucas Diamond Pokémon 4 April
/img/default_avatar.png Keishin Ukai Haikyuu!! 5 April
/img/default_avatar.png Iris Fire Force 10 April
/img/default_avatar.png Pichu Pichu Pokémon 12 April
/img/default_avatar.png Lily Angel All Saints Street 13 April
/img/default_avatar.png Kourai Hoshiumi Haikyuu!! 16 April
/img/default_avatar.png Mei Hatsume Boku no Hero Academia 18 April
/img/default_avatar.png Vulcan Joseph Fire Force 18 April
/img/default_avatar.png Katsuki Bakugo Boku no Hero Academia 20 April
/img/default_avatar.png Aurel Weiss Filled to the Brim 21 April
/img/default_avatar.png Michael Schoorl Filled to the Brim 21 April
/img/default_avatar.png Phichit Chulanont Yuri on Ice 30 April


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Satoshi Isshiki Shokugeki no Soma 2 May
/img/default_avatar.png Abu All Saints Street 3 May
/img/default_avatar.png Conan Edogawa Detective Conan 4 May
/img/default_avatar.png Shinichi Kudo Detective Conan 4 May
/img/default_avatar.png Ikumi Mito Shokugeki no Soma 4 May
/img/default_avatar.png Nate Black Pokémon 4 May
/img/default_avatar.png Luffy Monkey One Piece 5 May
/img/default_avatar.png Gon Freecss HunterxHunter 5 May
/img/default_avatar.png Saeko Tanaka Haikyuu!! 5 May
/img/default_avatar.png Tasuku Ryūenji Future Card Buddyfight 5 May
/img/default_avatar.png Jemil Air Thieves 7 May
/img/default_avatar.png Leonardo Watch Kekkai Sensen 14 May
/img/default_avatar.png Eijun Sawamura Ace of Diamond 15 May
/img/default_avatar.png Takumi Mizushima Splatoon 15 May
/img/default_avatar.png Yōichi Kuramochi Ace of Diamond 17 May
/img/default_avatar.png Satori Tendō Haikyuu!! 20 May
/img/default_avatar.png Satoshi Pokémon 22 May
/img/default_avatar.png Charles Klein oBaoP 25 May
/img/default_avatar.png Grant Klein oBaoP 25 May
/img/default_avatar.png Terunori Kuga Shokugeki no Soma 27 May
/img/default_avatar.png Mashirao Ojiro Boku no Hero Academia 28 May
/img/default_avatar.png Kazuho Haneyama My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 28 May
/img/default_avatar.png Ira Blood All Saints Street 30 May
/img/default_avatar.png Yuga Aoyama Boku no Hero Academia 30 May


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Tyler York _no story yet_ 5 June
/img/default_avatar.png Seung-gil Lee Yuri on Ice 6 June
/img/default_avatar.png Itachi Uchiha Naruto 9 June
/img/default_avatar.png Toshinori Yagi Boku no Hero Academia 10 June
/img/default_avatar.png Hajime Iwaizumi Haikyuu!! 10 June
/img/default_avatar.png Hideyoshi Nagachika Tokyo Ghoul 10 June
/img/default_avatar.png Kōshi Sugawara Haikyuu!! 13 June
/img/default_avatar.png Agent Octo (8) Splatoon 14 June
/img/default_avatar.png Joker Fire Force 14 June
/img/default_avatar.png Toru Hagakure Boku no Hero Academia 16 June
/img/default_avatar.png Takato Akita Pokémon 17 June
/img/default_avatar.png Masaomi Kida Durarara 19 June
/img/default_avatar.png Rikido Sato Boku no Hero Academia 19 June
/img/default_avatar.png Haruka Nanase Free! 20 June
/img/default_avatar.png Ken Zimmermann Drummers 20 June
/img/default_avatar.png Damao All Saints Street 21 June
/img/default_avatar.png Shōyō Hinata Haikyuu!! 21 June
/img/default_avatar.png Kaya Takagi Bakuman 25 June
/img/default_avatar.png Denki Kaminari Boku no Hero Academia 29 June


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Satoru Furuya Ace of Diamond 1 July
/img/default_avatar.png Haru Shinkai Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters 1 July
/img/default_avatar.png Hitoshi Shinso Boku no Hero Academia 1 July
/img/default_avatar.png Brendan Ruby Pokémon 2 July
/img/default_avatar.png Renzo Shima Blue Exorcist 4 July
/img/default_avatar.png Akira Hayama Shokugeki no Soma 7 July
/img/default_avatar.png Hizashi Yamada Boku no Hero Academia 7 July
/img/default_avatar.png Killua Zoldyck HunterxHunter 7 July
/img/default_avatar.png Kanji Koganegawa Haikyuu!! 9 July
/img/default_avatar.png Arthur Boyle Fire Force 10 July
/img/default_avatar.png Simon Grün Pokémon - NSFW 12 July
/img/default_avatar.png Mirio Togata Boku no Hero Academia 15 July
/img/default_avatar.png Izuku Midoriya Boku no Hero Academia 15 July
/img/default_avatar.png Isami Aldini Shokugeki no Soma 19 July
/img/default_avatar.png Takumi Aldini Shokugeki no Soma 19 July
/img/default_avatar.png Tōru Oikawa Haikyuu!! 20 July
/img/default_avatar.png Ethan Gold Pokémon 21 July
/img/default_avatar.png Azami Blum Pokémon - NSFW 22 July
/img/default_avatar.png Sasuke Uchiha Naruto 23 July
/img/default_avatar.png Clarisse Rose Pokémon - NSFW 23 July
/img/default_avatar.png Hanta Sero Boku no Hero Academia 28 July
/img/default_avatar.png Mina Ashido Boku no Hero Academia 30 July


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Kyoka Jiro Boku no Hero Academia 1 August
/img/default_avatar.png Nagisa Hazuki Free! 1 August
/img/default_avatar.png Shiro Hsu Keys 01 August
/img/default_avatar.png Yan Honda Drummers 3 August
/img/default_avatar.png Taishiro Toyomitsu Boku no Hero Academia 8 August
/img/default_avatar.png Morisuke Yaku Haikyuu!! 8 August
/img/default_avatar.png Red Pokémon 8 August
/img/default_avatar.png Tino Stark Filled to the Brim 12 August
/img/default_avatar.png Wakatoshi Ushijima Haikyuu!! 13 August
/img/default_avatar.png Takanobu Aone Haikyuu!! 13 August
/img/default_avatar.png Sullivan Donough Filled to the Brim 13 August
/img/default_avatar.png Kazuhito Narita Haikyuu!! 17 August
/img/default_avatar.png Kenjirou Minami Yuri on Ice 18 August
/img/default_avatar.png Ryuji Suguro Blue Exorcist 20 August
/img/default_avatar.png Ryō Kurokiba Shokugeki no Soma 20 August
/img/default_avatar.png Emma The Promised Neverland 22 August
/img/default_avatar.png Tenya Iida Boku no Hero Academia 22 August
/img/default_avatar.png Tsutomu Goshiki Haikyuu!! 22 August
/img/default_avatar.png Mephisto Pheles Blue Exorcist 28 August
/img/default_avatar.png Elio Sun Pokémon 31 August


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Hitoka Yachi Haikyuu!! 4 September
/img/default_avatar.png Lynn Angel All Saints Street 10 September
/img/default_avatar.png Zal Savage _no story yet_ 10 September
/img/default_avatar.png Belinda Amaru _no story yet_ 13 September
/img/default_avatar.png Mel Silberstein Enjoy your life 14 September
/img/default_avatar.png Sosuke Yamazaki Free! 14 September
/img/default_avatar.png Maki Oze Fire Force 16 September
/img/default_avatar.png Nagato Naruto 19 September
/img/default_avatar.png Hikaru Shindō Hikaru no go 20 September
/img/default_avatar.png Kōtarō Bokuto Haikyuu!! 20 September
/img/default_avatar.png Shikamaru Nara Naruto 22 September
/img/default_avatar.png Momo Yaoyorozu Boku no Hero Academia 23 September
/img/default_avatar.png Takehisa Hinawa Fire Force 23 September
/img/default_avatar.png Kei Tsukishima Haikyuu!! 27 September


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Aurela Amiri Book 5 October
/img/default_avatar.png Can Amiri Book 5 October
/img/default_avatar.png Hilbert Black Pokémon 8 October
/img/default_avatar.png Minoru Mineta Boku no Hero Academia 8 October
/img/default_avatar.png Naruto Uzumaki Naruto 10 October
/img/default_avatar.png Yū Nishinoya Haikyuu!! 10 October
/img/default_avatar.png Yūki Mitani Hikaru no go 15 October
/img/default_avatar.png Eijiro Kirishima Boku no Hero Academia 16 October
/img/default_avatar.png Kenma Kozume Haikyuu!! 16 October
/img/default_avatar.png Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu Boku no Hero Academia 16 October
/img/default_avatar.png Shinra Kusakabe Fire Force 29 October
/img/default_avatar.png Fumikage Tokoyami Boku no Hero Academia 30 October
/img/default_avatar.png Lev Haiba Haikyuu!! 30 October
/img/default_avatar.png Otabek Altin Yuri on Ice 31 October


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Eiji Niizuma Bakuman 3 November
/img/default_avatar.png Nine Zankyou no Terror 5 November
/img/default_avatar.png Miho Mashiro Bakuman 5 November
/img/default_avatar.png Sōma Yukihira Shokugeki no Soma 6 November
/img/default_avatar.png Chase X Pokémon 6 November
/img/default_avatar.png Shota Aizawa Boku no Hero Academia 8 November
/img/default_avatar.png Tadashi Yamaguchi Haikyuu!! 10 November
/img/default_avatar.png Jiraiya Naruto 11 November
/img/default_avatar.png Cade Gross oBaoP 13 November
/img/default_avatar.png Emma Beringer Drummers 13 November
/img/default_avatar.png Miingno Stern FINAL FANTASY XIV 13 November
/img/default_avatar.png Nero Campo oBaoP 15 November
/img/default_avatar.png Makoto Tachibana Free! 17 November
/img/default_avatar.png Kazuya Miyuki Ace of Diamond 17 November
/img/default_avatar.png Tetsurō Kuroo Haikyuu!! 17 November
/img/default_avatar.png Nick Hoult All Saints Street 24 November
/img/default_avatar.png Sai Yamanaka Naruto 25 November
/img/default_avatar.png Rock Lee Naruto 27 November
/img/default_avatar.png Yuuri Katsuki Yuri on Ice 29 November


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Kara Black to BEast 1 December
/img/default_avatar.png Victor Sword Pokémon 1 December
/img/default_avatar.png Loan Honda Drummers 3 December
/img/default_avatar.png Keiji Akaashi Haikyuu!! 5 December
/img/default_avatar.png Momotaro Mikoshiba Free! 6 December
/img/default_avatar.png Satoru Gojō Jujutsu Kaisen 7 December
/img/default_avatar.png Kentarō Kyōtani Haikyuu!! 7 December
/img/default_avatar.png Akira Tōya Hikaru no go 14 December
/img/default_avatar.png Rei Ryugazaki Free! 14 December
/img/default_avatar.png Haru Mizushima Splatoon 16. December
/img/default_avatar.png Miingno W. Pokémon 19 December
/img/default_avatar.png Megumi Tadokoro Shokugeki no Soma 19 December
/img/default_avatar.png Andy Müller Real Life 19 December
/img/default_avatar.png Kaito Shimizu Splatoon 19 December
/img/default_avatar.png Ken Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul 20 December
/img/default_avatar.png Tobio Kageyama Haikyuu!! 22 December
/img/default_avatar.png Tony Chopper One Piece 24 December
/img/default_avatar.png Shō Kusakabe Fire Force 25 December
/img/default_avatar.png Victor Nikiforov Yuri on Ice 25 December
/img/default_avatar.png Chikara Ennoshita Haikyuu!! 26 December
/img/default_avatar.png Ochaco Uraraka Boku no Hero Academia 27 December
/img/default_avatar.png Rin Okumura Blue Exorcist 27 December
/img/default_avatar.png Yukio Okumura Blue Exorcist 27 December
/img/default_avatar.png Konohamaru Sarutobi Naruto 30 December
/img/default_avatar.png Daichi Sawamura Haikyuu!! 31 December


Picture Name Story Birthday
/img/default_avatar.png Akira Hayama Shokugeki no Soma 7 July (as decided by Jun Shiomi, original unknown)
/img/default_avatar.png Asta Black Clover unknown
/img/default_avatar.png Miingno Star FINAL FANTASY XIV unknown
/img/default_avatar.png Minami Itsuki Air Gear unknown
/img/default_avatar.png Ryo Satō Digimon Tamers unknown
/img/default_avatar.png Themba Bestia to BEast Unknown but seems rather young
/img/default_avatar.png Yuno Black Clover unknown