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All Charas in Miyagawa-High


Plot: Miyagawa High School is located in Hida-shi, a city within the Gifu prefecture. Students who attend this school will be pleased to know that Miyagawa High is only a short 5 minute walk from Hida-Furukawa station, along the Takayama train line. It is known locally as the "school of pink", as in the month of late March and early April, it's many Sakura trees are in full bloom; and seriously, they're everywhere. The name, "Miyagawa", came from the village with the same name which is now known as a part of hida. Even though the town is rather small, the school tends to be in high command, because the teachers are known to make students into amazing pupils, with high grades and acceptance into some of the best universities by the time they graduate. No one knows if it's because the school is strict, or if the teachers are just 'blessed'. The school has some kind of aura that makes everyone feel at home, and safe. A large shrine is very close to the school, and is said to give blessing and wishes to those who visit and deserve it. Will you be 'blessed' enough to get accepted into this strange school? And if so, will you be curious enough to look into the stories of Miyagawa High? The choice is yours, and the choices are endless.

Author Main Story: hana-e, VanilleCream

Author Coexisting Story: Andy a.k.a. Miingno

Picture First Name Last Name
Yukio Yukimura Yukio Yukimura